Emergent electronics: Quantum material design based on symmetry and topology

Our group develops novel electronic and spintronic functions through the exploration of new materials with nontrivial topology and symmetry.

Usually, the behavior of electrons is controlled by the external electric and magnetic fields. On the other hand, in materials with topologically nontrivial orders, electrons feel giant “emergent” electromagnetic fields due to the curved geometry, and their effective use can dramatically change the way to control electron dynamics.

We design and synthesize new material systems to realize such unique quantum phenomena. By employing the state-of-the-art crystal growth and micro-fabrication techniques, we develop novel electronic functions potentially suitable for various applications such as information processing with ultra-low energy consumption or information detection with ultra-high sensitivity.

Schematic illustration of magnetic skyrmion (vortex-like swirling spin texture in real space) and Weyl nodes (band-crossing point in reciprocal space), which act as the source of emergent electromagnetic fields. Our group explores new material systems with such topological orders hosting exotic electronic functions.